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Consulting Services

New Construction:

We can help layout your commercial kitchen’s grease exhaust system, from the hoods to the exhaust fans, all in accordance with NFPA code requirements.  Not only with this insure you are in compliance, we will also layout your system with cleaning maintenance in mind.  Most architects don’t take into consideration the cost savings that can be made by running black iron duct work effectively.  By having a Certified company assist with this process can literally save you thousands of dollars in repeat maintenance costs associated with the grease exhaust cleaning processes.

Indoor air quality is also extremely important.  As Certified Air Filter Specialists, we can recommend the correct filter efficiencies needed at your facility to help save money in energy costs, all while achieving clean air.  Clean air is an important part of our environment, being “Green” has a lot of good incentives.  We can help decide which are best for you.

Existing Buildings:

From recommending the correct type of grease exhaust filters for your kitchen’s hoods to multi story, vertical duct descents, we can help you do things the right way.  We help some of the most prominent properties in Chicago land peacefully co-exist with their neighbors.  Our Certifications in air quality, ultraviolet light and kitchen exhaust cleaning help express our commitment to continually learning of new ways to help improve our industry.  We can help solve a wide variety of concerns.

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