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Hood Filters

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Hood filters not only help minimize the amount of grease that enters your exhaust system, they are also your first line of defense in case of a fire.  Broken, damaged or missing filters can allow flames or hot embers to enter your system and should be replaced with UL listed filters that meet NFPA code requirements.  Any gaps in your hood filters should also be eliminated.  Grease will find its way through theses gaps and will prematurely coat your ductwork possibly causing operational in-efficiencies and adding fuel to your system.

Your hood filters should also be cleaned regularly to maintain performance levels.  We offer a comprehensive filter exchange program to insure your hood filters remain clean.  At a pre-determined frequency, we will remove your dirty filters and replace them with clean ones.  We then take your dirty filters back to our plant, clean them via a soaking process and prepare them for your next visit.  This program insures your filters are being cleaned properly and always look and operate well.




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